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In the heart of the Rhodope mountain, only 13 kilometers away from the border with Greece, is situated the picturesque town of Devin. Famous for its healing waters, including the Mihalkovo spring: the best naturally carbonated spring water in Bulgaria. The pristine forests and enchanting natural sites around Devin invite the weary traveller to escape from the greyness of the city.

Not far from here are the majestic Trigrad chine, the magical Yagodina cave, the waterfall cascade “Struilski dol”. Nearby is also the famous cave “Devil’s throat”. According to legend this is the entrance to Hades which Orpheus used to attempt bringing back to life his beloved Euridice. Even nowadays mystery surrounds the area. Locals say that, even though the river only disappears for what seems to be several hundred meters, whatever falls in the waters never comes out the other side.

In Devin you can find many accommodation options: from family guest houses to luxury Spa hotels. The unique location of the town and the many mountain trails offer great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and rafting. This is why many companies choose to organise their conferences and team buildings here. Relax in the healing waters, warm yourself beside the hearth, try the delicious local food... Enjoy the Rhodope mountain and draw strength and inspiration from nature!