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Frugality and sassy humour are two legendary traits of people from Gabrovo. They are the butt of many good-natured jokes, most of them originating in the town itself. It is no coincidence that Gabrovo is the home of the only House of humour and satire in the world. Every year the institution organizes a humour carnival. Close to the town, in an area called Uzana, is located the geographical centre of Bulgaria. The jokesters of Gabrovo will earnestly assure you that this is actually the centre of the entire world. History, art, crafts and beautiful nature: Gabrovo has a lot to offer to the curious traveller.

Any Bulgarian you ask will surely know Etara. This amazing open-air museum represents a small-scale version of Gabrovo, as it used to be in times of old. Here every workshop is a doorway to the past, to the traditional arts and crafts with which Bulgarians earned their livelihoods for generations. Dedicate at least one day to visiting the area of the nearby Dryanovo monastery. Take a walk along the picturesque mountain trails, which will take you past ancient fortresses, romantic waterfalls and panoramic spots, surrounded by fabulous wild cyclamens.

Even if you do not particularly enjoy walking in the wild, you will not find Gabrovo boring. See the local landmarks and museums, visit the zoo or enjoy the festive mood of the carnival. And if the artisans in Etara fascinate you so much with their deftness, that you wish you could be like them, you can improve your own skills and spend some blissful days learning your favourite hobby.

Hotels in Gabrovo will surprise you pleasantly. Locals will offer accommodation in comfortable rooms or apartments, at reasonable prices - Gabrovo style. Don’t miss exploring the gastronomy side of town. Here you will find interesting offers and several classy restaurants which will give you yet another reason to come back.

Whatever brought you to this town, one thing is certain - Gabrovo will not leave you indifferent to its charm.