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Situated at the foot of three majestic mountains, Razlog is one of the fabled picturesque sites in Bulgaria. Even the journey to this town can be a wonderful adventure, because it is one of the stops of the only narrow-gauge railway in Bulgaria. Once in town, you will be charmed by the wonderful Revival houses and unique natural wonders.

Razlog is one of the places where people revere tradition. This is why on most celebrations you will see local people donning their traditional costumes and enjoying the festivities just like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. And there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate - from the 1st of January Kukeri carnival to the Koledari games on Christmas day. But don’t think this town has been left behind in the past - quite the contrary. Here you can witness some of the most extraordinary events, such as the national Motorbike festival, an annual Wood-cutting competition and a romantic Festival of the hot air baloon.

Razlog is a true paradise for all lovers of winter sports. In addition to the fact that one of the most popular ski resorts, Bansko, is only 6 kilometers from here, the little-known ski-slope Kulinoto, is also located close to the town. In the warmer months golf aficionados can hone their skills in this gentleman’s sport at one of the local golf courses. Hiking enthusiasts shouldn’t miss an opportunity to walk along the new mountain trail in the Golak area. Passing through scenic spots, the trail ends at a watchtower which overlooks the natural rock formation the Stairs. And for all who admire history and mysteries, the central park of town offers a one-of-a kind reconstruction of the ancient solar Bulgarian calendar.

Stay at one of Razlog’s hotels and experience the joy of true relaxation! This town offers a variety of options - from small family guest houses to four and five-star luxury hotels. Try the delicious culinary temptations that local cuisine has to offer. From the traditional Kapama dish, to the salty Shupla pancake and sweet bulgur pastry - the local dishes will truly entice your senses!