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The superlative degree is often used when talking about Sofia. It is one of the most ancient European capitals, the biggest city and industrial centre in Bulgaria. Here are situated the highest building, the biggest airport, the biggest Eastern Orthodox church, the biggest museum, the oldest and largest university in the entire country.

Many people come to Bulgaria’s capital for work: Sofia is home to the most important government offices and institutions. The city’s various exhibition centres host both national and international events year-round, while thematic conferences unite professionals and scientists from around the world in order to share ideas, experience and inspiration.

Sofia cannot be described, it must be experienced. From your very first steps here you will feel the streets teeming with life: rollicking students hurriedly navigating the yellow-paved streets, financiers and politicians crossing the city garden on their way to work, curious tourists wandering around the antique book stores on Slaveykov square, hipsters drinking home-made ginger syrup in charming vintage cafés...

The cultural events calendar of Bulgaria’s capital will make you feel like a gourmet in a Michelin-starred restaurant: exhibitions, concerts, opera, theatre, film festivals, contemporary art installations and performances - time is never enough for everything interesting happening here. Yet do not miss the chance for a promenade in the charming parks of Sofia and take the opportunity to carefully inspect the monuments: the local pranksters and activists often express their world views by giving old communist statues a complete makeover.

In the evening you can get accommodated in one of the snug little hotels ready to welcome the tired traveller. Look at the range of styles, categories and locations. And do not worry whether you will find the right place for you. Because one thing is certain - whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in Sofia!