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Velingrad’s most famous feature are its mineral springs. Small and large, lukewarm and hot, there are 80 of them in total! Tourists from Bulgaria and abroad visit the town year-round to benefit from the salubrious properties of the town’s waters. This is why Velingrad has been given the nickname “Spa capital of the Balkan peninsula”. The town offers a great variety of accommodation options. Not only do most hotels have spa treatments, but tap water is also drawn from the local springs. Hence it is no coincidence that the most popular symbol of the town is “Kleptuza” - one of the largest кarst springs in Bulgaria.

Мany people come here for the quietness and tranquillity of the place. But don’t think Velingrad is uninteresting, because the area hides many surprises. Not far from Kleptuza park, at the end of a picturesque mountain trail, is situated one of the most unique places in Bulgaria - the crossing point of 24th meridian and 42nd parallel. Visit the local history museum where you can see an assortment of expositions and even a collection of the famous Velingrad painted Easter eggs. Only 14 km away from the town you will find the second most important palaeontological site in entire Europe! There the newly-built Pliocene park will transport you back in prehistoric times. Experience the ages when the land was covered in vast stretches of rainforest and colossal beasts roamed the Earth!

Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable events in town is the Singles’ Festival. Every summer single men and women come here to dance, have fun, meet new people, and - who knows - maybe find real love? But even if you’re not ready for such a novel social experiment, come to Velingrad. Relax in the tender caresses of the mineral waters and pamper your senses.