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Hotels in Zheravna


According to archaeologists, it was the Thracians who first founded a settlement in this area. But the town reached new heights during the Ottoman rule when, due to the exclusive tax exemptions and privileges, the locals had the rare opportunity to transform this little village into a truly unique place. The 20th century brought destruction to the area, but the obstinate people of Zheravna, supported by several talented architects, never gave up on their village and managed not only to preserve their cultural heritage, but turn it into a unique architecture reserve. Nowadays there are over 200 authentic wooden houses in Zheravna, some of them older than the USA!

In Zheravna there are many museum-houses and workshops which represent the most characteristic features of the local lifestyle, especially the traditional arts and crafts. The most interesting event is undoubtedly the festival of the traditional clothing, which is organised every August. During three days unabated gaiety reigns all around. Artists from near and far showcase their musical prowess on the luscious meadows, and beneath the hypnotic trills of their instruments, a long chain of people dancing the traditional horo winds like a gigantic snake. Everyone - young and old - proudly displays their colourful traditional garb. This is a one-of-a-kind event, which you can only see here!

In Zheravna you will not see any grand luxurious hotels with shiny glass façades. However you will feel the unmatched comfort of the traditional wooden houses, covered with motley goat-wool rugs and carpets from the nearby town of Kotel. You will probably wonder why the Revival style ever went out of fashion. The enchanting traditional beauty is combined with contemporary convenience and comfort. In this small village you will also find the only spa in the region. It is discreetly incorporated into one of the old houses.

The people of Zheravna are worthy successors of their glorious ancestors: persevering, resourceful and hard-working. They have transformed their home into a true benchmark for rural tourism in Bulgaria. Come here to feel the fabled village spirit, to sigh in admiration for the beautiful houses and understand the true meaning of the phrase “clean air”.